So I know this is crazy… I was in Australia 3 months ago. I cannot believe it has been that long. Yet, I have not shared any about the trip. We (my mom, sister, two friends, their mom, and I) went there for Planetshakers Conference. I’m not going to go in depth about the conference and the speakers and what each speaker spoke on or how amazing the worship was… I’ll just say that you would have had to have been there. It was incredible.

Opening night at Planetshakers Conference

Planetshakers Conference 2011

Joth Hunt

After coming back, it’s been the strangest thing. I was changed by going to that conference–changed on the inside, changed in my mind, my thoughts. You see, I remember a year ago or less, I got this idea to go to the conference. It was just one of those dreams, and I had no clue it would actually happen. I wanted to go so badly, and here I am now and it’s already three months past. Yet the strange part is that I can’t talk about it or think about it much without getting emotional. I suppose that is totally a female thing. But I’ve refrained from thinking and talking about it much for the sake of not getting emotional. Last night, though, I picked up a book that I bought at the conference. I haven’t even read any of it since the flight home because I can’t stop thinking about something that’s been weighing on my mind and on my heart for these past three months. There was a well of tears that flooded in my eyes as I picked the book up and there was a piece of paper slipped between the pages that was notes from one of the nights at the conference. I can’t stop thinking of how incredible it was to be there. As crazy as this sounds, I felt so at home there. I felt more at home there than anywhere I’ve ever been in my life, even though I was 9000 miles from home. In all actuality, I am much further from home than 9000 miles though, because my home is not here. My home is in heaven. But when I was at that conference… with so many people gathered lifting high the name of Jesus, people getting excited about what God was doing, healings left and right, worship led by some people who are so anointed (especially Henry Seeley). I can’t wait to be somewhere that everyone is gathered to lift high the only one Who is worthy, people really excited about Who God is, worship that is more awesome than could be described, and best of all, I never have to leave that home.

Henry Seeley

I don’t know how else to say it other than, we are made to desire to be home. We are only strangers in this land, and we are not supposed to be comfortable here. I know I am not. I seem to be getting less comfortable here every day. As homesick as I am and as homesick as you may be, don’t forget to wake up all the other people. Wake them up and remind them that we won’t be staying here for long because Dad will be coming any time now to pick us up.

Since April, God just keeps reminding me. Everyday. Sometimes subtly, sometimes not. He reminds me every day that this place I call home is really the farthest thing from home. So now I hope you understand that when I think of Australia I can hardly prevent getting teary eyed because it touches the most sensitive part of me–the part that longs so badly to just be home already. Seriously, I CAN’T WAIT!!!!!! And I sincerely hope you feel the same.

(Conference photo credit goes to Mark Peric)

P.S. A bit of scenery:


One of the 12 apostles from the air

Great Ocean Road

My mom and I on St. Kilda beach, Melbourne, Australia

St. Paul's Cathedral

Flinder's Square train station

Australian field along the Great Ocean Road


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Oh my, I never know what to say in these things. I love the Lord, and I'm just here waiting for Him to come and take me to my real home. I plan on being a music education major when I go to college. Also, I love anything that has to do with crafts: cutting, gluing, ribbon, LACE, etc., and especially sewing!! Get to know me more by reading my blog!!
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